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Glazed Porcelain tile

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This type of porcelain tile is made with white clay and the addition of other minerals so after a very high temperature fired-on the ceramic vitrification is achieved. Its absorption of water is lower to 3% (0.5% in the case of full body porcelain tile). They are totally resistant to freezing so they allow more possibilites for the external use. They are usually produced in square and rectangular sizes. Nowadays and through the printing of surfaces with digital printers we can get excellent finishes. They can be perfect replicas of any stone, marble, wood, metal and so on.

The glazed porcelain tile is perfect to floor houses, business, restaurants, hotels, fronts of buildings, etc.

We can also find different grades of roughness (anti-slip) on the surfaces because according to the new construccion code for paving of certain public places the law asks for an anti-slip certification.

These porcelain tiles can not be glued with basic adhesive because their low porosity forces us to glue them with flexible adhesives both on the floors and walls. In case of lying the tiles on a heating system floor or outside walls, we will need to use at least a C2 TE S1 adhesive to ensure a complete grip.

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